Raising a glass (of water) to cancer research

I will be completely off alcohol during the month of February: I'm participating in the "Tournée Minérale" organised by the Belgian Cancer Research Foundation. A glass of sparkling water for a good cause!

Some are aware of my alcohol-free tendencies, which have started last year for no other apparent reason than aiming for better health in general, but I'm taking this golden opportunity to combine water and collecting funds for a good cause. I feel I'm a bit on a mission to prove how easy it is to live alcohol-free... With carefully selected exceptions, of course!

My objective is 100 EUR by the end of February 2017, but I would be happy to surpass it. Give generously and thank you for your support!

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The personal connection

Why do I care about cancer research? Well, as in many similar situations, this particular cause hits close to home. Virtually everyone knows at least one person around them who has had nasty dealings with cancer. In my case, it was my father who passed away from liver cancer in 2005. It was a quick and painful affair: he lived for about three weeks from the moment he was diagnosed. Losing him was difficult, but I think what we miss the most are all those precious, quirky, funny and emotional family moments we would have loved to share with him since then.

I would also like to highlight the more immediate cases of people battling cancer as I'm writing these lines. We are all hoping for more and more success stories over time, and that's the goal of cancer research: giving us a chance to spend more quality time with the people we care about. That's why I'm drinking water in February, and poking you for donations.

Thank you very much for your support!

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