This TED Talk literally blew my mind. Donald Hoffman is not only saying that we are fooled by our perception of reality, but that "according to evolution by natural selection, an organism that sees reality as it is will never be more fit than an organism of equal complexity that sees none of reality but is just tuned to fitness" (from interview in The Atlantic). We have grown not to see reality as it is at all! And that even includes atoms, particules, our brains, neurons, space and time in general. Wow. This is unreal.

We live in stranger times than even a cynic like me wants to admit. For the record, I want to say that I have been hinting at similarities between mindsets in Europe in the 1930s and what we see happening now for several months already. Just as Brexit, I believe the Trump election victory will hopefully serve as a wake-up call. It will be a slow, painful process, but the unfortunate consequences of these kinds of choices society is making will make themselves evident over time. It's all about lessons to be learned.


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